Car Gallery

The car gallery is full of car pictures that show how Mick’s can handle whatever job you need done. Each of these pictures tells a story – that Mick’s crew of transport experts has seen it all. They have towed nearly every kind of car, in almost any condition.

Mick’s transport experts are fast and professional enough to arrive in time to save the day and tow you to a fuel station or panel shop. They can rescue your car from sand traps or water and even pull a rotting car from a field. You can call Mick’s any time, night or day, just give them the make and model of your car and a trained professional will be on hand in no time to get your car out of whatever muck it may be in. Whether you are broken down by the side of the road or you have a car that needs to be hauled out of a creek, Mick’s has you covered.