Caravan Towing and Transport Service

Mick’s Towing Service specialises in caravan towing throughout the Gold Coast Locally and Brisbane regions where caravan parks alround. The enchanting Pacific Ocean coastline is an ideal place to spend holidays, basking in the sun and frolicking in the water. Whether you are an individual who needs to transport a caravan or you own a caravan company that needs a trustworthy, reliable towing service, Mick’s is available 24 hours each day, year round, to lend a helping hand.

With nearly 28 years in the auto transportation and repair business, owner Michael Schaper leads a knowledgeable team of towing experts who will safely deliver your caravan to the site of your choice. With a fleet of tilt trays, semis and chase trucks, customers never have to worry about their caravan being left unprotected on the side of the road. Each tow truck is fully insured for caravan transport, whether the caravan is attached to the tow ball and or loaded on the truck tray.

Mick’s also offers caravan towing services for roadside breakdowns and accidents, as well as for salvage and recovery. The company can transport truck-loaded caravans up to a maximum width of 2.5 meters wide by 9 meters long by 3 meters high. Deliveries can be made along the Gold Coast and within the Brisbane local and regional areas. Interstate caravan transport can be arranged as well.

Mick’s Towing Service provides complimentary quotes to all customers, while the company’s expert towing coordinator is available to discuss transportation logistics for picking up and delivering caravans. Contact Mick’s today at 0411 715 630.

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